too nostalgic to delete this blog but i dont even use it anymore 

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id kick him


id kick him

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(by katie de bruycker)


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you would do anythinnggg for meee

you would do anythinnggg for meee

pissed off and tired 

just want to curl up into a ball and die




 man has built a hillside home reminiscent of a hobbit house from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings — on a budget of just £3,000.

Simon Dale constructed the woodland home for his family in Wales, taking only four months to fully complete the project with help from his father-in-law. Built with “maximum regard for the environment” it contains a cosy living room, an open-plan kitchen and a split-level bedroom area. The home is also adorned with fairy lights and wooden furniture to complete the look.

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so sick

i love it

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you know when songs are attached to a memory or a person it makes me upset to listen to them because it brings back so many things

soppy for life